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การใช้งาน GitHub Action แบบ Private Repo

Understanding Usage

This repo using technique following actions/checkout@v2 docs:

Checkout multiple repos (nested)

- name: Checkout
uses: actions/checkout@v2

- name: Checkout tools repo
uses: actions/checkout@v2
repository: my-org/my-tools
path: my-tools



AVOID USING actions/checkout@v2 without path inside the composite actions

because the working directory will be changed So, it makes the workflow working directory changing before exit


  1. Calling a composite action name "AwesomeAction" with path /cat using action path /cat/action.yml

  2. Using actions/checkout@v2 without path

    • it will change the entirely workflow working directory to another path like /cat/my-repo
  3. When "AwesomeAction" is done, the system will call "Post" action to clean up all stuff in "AwesomeAction" action.

    • the Post action is automatically called by the system, we cannot change the working directory directly so, the system will use /cat/my-repo/action.yml, but this path is not found, the system will throw error with

        > "Can't find 'action.yml', 'action.yaml' or 'Dockerfile' under '/the/path/which/error'. Did you forget to run actions/checkout before running your local action?"